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东方之声艺术团(前东方之声合唱团)是一个亚特兰大华人混声合唱团。目前团员五十余名,每周在固定的场所定期排练。自1999 年成立以来,合唱团的总体演唱水平逐年提升。在历年的亚特兰大中国商会举办的《春晚》及《亚城之春》等大型文艺晚会中表演,受到了亚特兰大华人的喜爱和好评,也为每个合唱团的团员留下了美好的回忆。


Welcome to CAAE

Cathay Atlantic Art Ensemble (CAAE) is a highly distinguished Chorus based in Atlanta Georgia. Currently we have over 50 members and practice regularly each week. Established in 1999, the chorus has steadily improved its performance ever since, and has evolved into a semiprofessional-level amateur chorus group, well-known in Atlanta and many Chinese communities across US. CAAE performed in New Year's Gala sponsored by Chinese Business Association of Atlanta (CBAA) each year.

In addition to major annual performance, CAAE also held many concert, music parties, and other social activities, which brought close relationship among all members of the chorus and enriched their lives. The chorus became a family where all members are treated with respect, friendship and love, like brothers and sisters. We welcome wholeheartedly all music lovers to join this family, to share the joy of singing, and to excel in choral music.